Automatic Screw Feeder Products

  • Fixed-quantity pickup

FME-36 type

Batch screw counter supplies precise number of screws

The counter can be set from 1~127, supplying exact amount of screws.


Continuous screw supply form the rail

The horizontal rail prevents jamming of screws.


Compatible with different manufacturing settings

Simple installation allows uses in various production environments.


PLC- and PC-compatible models available

The FME model is compatible with PROFI BUS/ DeviceNet/ CC-Link and other control schemes or protocols.

Supported screw
diameter (mm)
Main component type Swap rail set type
FM Series FME Series FM/FME
3.0 FM-3630 FME-3630 FR30SET
3.5 FM-3635 FME-3635 FR35SET
4.0 FM-3640 FME-3640 FR40SET
5.0 FM-3650 FME-3650 FR50SET
6.0 FM-3660 FME-3660 FR60SET
Product name
Total weight (with rail)
Approx. 6.0kgf
Power supply
AC100V~240V DC15V 1A AC adapter included
Overload protection
Output signal
Brush overload prevention
Number of settings
Upto 127 pcs
Screw size
M3.0~M6.0 * Please click here for the details.
Screw length
Up to 25mm
Approx. 150cc
Operation Manual, AC Adapter, hex wrench, adjustment driver
AC100V~240V DC15V 1.9A AC adapter included