Company Profile

Company Profile


Main Factory
27 Hagisho Kanegasaki Ichinoseki,
Iwate 021-0902 Japan
Second Factory 111-3, Kaminakada, Hagisho, Ichinoseki, Iwate
Sales Division 2-9-10-8F, Chuo, Aoba, Sendai,
980-0021 Miyagi, JAPAN
Ohtake Showroom Sendai 2-9-10-1F, Chuo, Aoba, Sendai,
980-0021 Miyagi, JAPAN
Ohtake, U.S.A Co., LTD. New Jersey 07039 U.S.A
the United States of America market
Ohtake Europe, s.r.o. Karolinska 661/4, 186 00, Praque 8,
Czecho Republic
Europe market
R&D Suboffice Room 208,
Tohoku University Collaborative Business Incubator (T-Biz),
6-6-10, Aramaki Aza Aoba,
Sendai, Miyagi
Established October, 1968
Representative Yoshitake Ota
Business activities Selling and manufacturing of Medical equipment, Sports equipment and Small industrial equipment (including entrusted designing).
Manufacture and sale of medical equipment, sports equipment, small industrial equipment as well as commissioned designing.

Organization chart

Jan 1, 2024


1968 Company established.
1975 Started sales of roller-type treadmills.
1988 Initiated Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of American ski training machines in Japan.
1992 Authorization for the manufacture of medical treadmills granted and began.
1995 Sales of rehabilitation treadmills started.
1996 Initial sales of Automatic Screw Feeders.
1997 Annual award received from Tohoku Ventureland.
1999 Received the annual award for new technology from the Resona Foundation For Small and Medium Business Promotion.
2006 Received an award for Science and Technology from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Science.
2008 The Small and Medium Enterprises agency in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorized us as one of “The 300 SME which promote energetic manufacturing in Japan”.
2009 Medal of Honor – Yellow Ribbon, awarded from the government of Japan, to individuals who, in their professional activities, serve as role models in their community.
2011 Started manufacturing Low-Floor type Dual Treadmills (DLF-55) for rehabilitation (joint development with Fujita Medical University).
2012 Developed Dual Treadmills with built-in force plate. (joint development with Fujita Medical University and Tec Gihan Co., Ltd.)
2015 MSK develops micro thread feeder for M0.5
Develops micro thread feeder LS series for up to M10.0
2016 Ohtake Root Kogyo Factory No.2 starts operating
2017 Tread Master sales begin,
QOM Master sales begin
Designation as The Driving Company for the Regional Future
2019 U.S. corporation OHTAKE USA (New Jersey, USA) established
2020 Sendai Sales Headquarters opens
2020 Company awarded with Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays
European corporation OHTAKE EUROPE (Prague, Czech Republic) established
2021 OHTAKE Showroom Sendai
2021 Customizable treadmill, FCT series launched