Showroom introduction

At OHTAKE Showroom Sendai, we offer customers the opportunity to touch and experience our products in person, including our automatic screw feeding machines and treadmills.


OHTAKE Showroom Sendai has a permanent exhibition of automatic screw feeders and treadmills, which are major products of OHTAKE Root Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Our sales representatives assist you on site so that you can ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have about our products.

Automatic Screw Feeder

We offer automatic screw presenters for various applications (manual use, automatic machine use, fixed quantity extraction). We propose solutions to your concerns and requests regarding parts supply in accordance with your needs.


In this setting, customers can actually see and touch the differences in performance and texture that are difficult to ascertain on the Web or in catalogs.


OHTAKE Showroom Sendai

Chuo, Aoba, Sendai,
980-0021 Miyagi, JAPAN

Contact:Sales Division +81 22 281 8481